Trying to find help..again

Hello All

I am new here today.

I am a 47 year old male and have always struggled with life and felt different but finally realised why 5 years ago when watching a TV programme which led to a formal diagnosis .

I have been prescribed citalopram tabllets which helps a bit .

I have detached myself from family and don't have any friends these days which suits me far better.  

I am feeling really low and emotional which was triggered i think when my mom visited recently as it reminded  me of  my isolation from them and that they wont be here for ever.

I have been struggling every day since and feel suicidal(again)

I work and support myself but find all that and life itself tiring and frustrating-i need to mediate a number of times a day just to be able to function which is really draining.

I would really like to know if anyone has any advice on other medication,support group,counselling or any thing at all that could help stabilise me and be more emotionally balanced and stornger as frankly i don't think i can do all this for another 30 years or so

I just dont now where to go to get any more help which i know that i need ASAP

Any advice would be appreciated


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  • Hi there, guess if you feel suicidal then the usual advice, go to the GP, A&E if it's very urgent (but better don't wait for this, A&E is not a particularly pleasant place to be), either will probably get you in touch with some sort of crisis team. Or Samaritans. The thing is, although they may help you to keep yourself safe for the time being they are not really going to make you feel less isolated, Samaritans are probably a bit better for that, but still, it's only for the short-term.

    No idea really how to get out of isolation, if I know I would do it myself too, but perhaps as a start have a look around here and join in if there's something that resonates with you in some way? Sometimes there are even hugs here! Just virtual ones, but better than nothing. It doesn't help with all aspects of isolation, if you want someone physically to be around, that's not really possible, but at least there are quite a few people here who may understand you much better than many people you have met for real, and you can just switch if off when it gets too much, and nobody will be offended. Welcome anyway!  

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