eating issues

I have a a 12 year old son who has autism and has been diagnosed since he was 6.

He has always been fussy with his food, but just recently we caught him making himself sick on an number of occasions and we know of other times he has been sick many other occasion but we dont know if he has done that himself. He is also very underweight and all his bones are visible through his skin.

We had him back to camhs where we have been told it too early to diagnose anorexia  . Also they said to give him vegetable fats in abundance such as nuts seeds and fish !! not gonna happen !

Just after some advice really or similar experiences

Thanks claire x

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  • Could be an OCD issue. I have this. I want everything to be perfect and can spend up to half an hour in the supermarket just trying to find the perfect tin: the tiniest blemish will put me off. Unfortunately, those nosy neuro-typical types come over to me and ask me why I am spending so long (can't they mind their own business?), and this just makes me more anxious!. Luckily my support worker was with me today when this happened, and she told one nosy lady that I was simply looking at the ingredients, to which the lady replied, 'but there is nothing in these tins, just tomatoes'!.

    OCD can be treated but it takes time and set-backs are to be expected. Support workers, I find, are more helpful than CBT therapists


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