eating issues

I have a a 12 year old son who has autism and has been diagnosed since he was 6.

He has always been fussy with his food, but just recently we caught him making himself sick on an number of occasions and we know of other times he has been sick many other occasion but we dont know if he has done that himself. He is also very underweight and all his bones are visible through his skin.

We had him back to camhs where we have been told it too early to diagnose anorexia  . Also they said to give him vegetable fats in abundance such as nuts seeds and fish !! not gonna happen !

Just after some advice really or similar experiences

Thanks claire x

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  • Hi Tracy

    Thanks so much for your kind response.

    Well we tried the nuts and as you can imagine no chance ! camhs told us not to overfeed him but in my opinion i share teh same view as you both that eating something is better than nothing.

    We do have issues with texture, look and feel already, it was the weight loss and being sick that wa a worry. Camhs just seemed to think we could give him nuts and seeds and mackerel and it would fix him !!

    I not sure what has triggered it whether it be stress or control but we have noticed his repetitive handwashing has reappeared recently. We are all quite close as a family and i cannot pinpoint anything. Excercising is normal for his age and the only sport he plays is snoooker!

    We were told that it too early to say anorexia so we got to see if we can get any weight back on him if not go back, i must say the gp seemed more concerned than camhs.

    Thanks so much with all my heart for your advice and i am going to set about accessing help and contacting the places you have suggested.

    Thanks again Claire xx

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