Am I weird? Advice needed!!

Hi all, 

I know this is a bit of an awkward topic but I always come on here when I am worried about something and I always seem to get the most helpful advice from you all so. I am currently 16 - I have high functioning autism, aspergers - and I haven't done anything sexually. I feel like a load of girls in my year have and I am feeling really left behind. I have absolutely no interest in doing anything sexual - life is stressful and confusing enough as it is - but I don't want people to think I am weird. I don't even like thinking about it and I can't speak to my mum and dad about it because it's awkward. I was recently with a boy, who when I said no to sending nudes, called me frigid. I am now dead worried that boys think of me like that - even though teenage boys can be dead annoying, not all though- just because I want to wait. Ant advice? Do you think I'm weird? 

Thanks x

  • Jesica

    you are NOT weird, don’t ever think that.

    just because your friends are doing something dosnt mean you have to, also i wouldn’t be suprised if those around you are just saying they have done things just to fit in. Any boy who pushes you is not worth it.

    please don’t think your weird you are not


  • just because your friends are doing something dosnt mean you have to

    Also, you have no way of knowing how accurate what they are saying actually is, and how many of them are saying things just to try and "be in".

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