Are you a parent of a child who has been bullied because of them having autism?


My name is Jonathan and I am a volunteer at the anti-bullying organisation 'Ditch the Label' (DTL). Alongside helping individuals being bullied in many ways through campaigns and fundraisers, DTL also provides support through help guides which tackle various issues related to bullying. 

I am interested in speaking to parents of individuals who have autism and have been bullied because of it. I would like to create help guides to help other parents through issues like this.

If you are interested, please comment below so we can work on getting your story out there.

Together, we can help to tackle the issues that lead to people with autism being bullied, and create a global positive change.

-Jonathan :) 

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  • Myself again. 

    Please reply, "JohnathanDTL", for both Emma and Graham make very lucid and interesting observations.

    I also had a look at the Website after these replies. It seems to be aimed directly concerning "12 to 25 Year Olds", as if exclusively. I pressed a button: "HOW DO YOU FEEL?", and I expected a little survey, but it simply disappeared after a "THANK YOU" of sorts, so quickly that I cannot recall the full message.

    The Site is not exclusive to Autism, and seems to not invite Adults or children apart from 12 - 25 year olds. There is an Autistic entry there, but the entire thing is limited in the ways that are so far expressed upon this page, and so can the starter please comment about our comments here, Thanks...

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