Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) (with ASD)- any suggestions for improving?

Anyone else dealing with this combo? ASD diagnosis was earlier this year; psych called for APD testing. The audiologist was amazing but it turns out I scored really poorly (grrr). Perhaps it does explains how I miss so much of what gets said. 

Would like to learn how to differentiate which verbal processing issues have ASD as root, and which have APD.

But anyway, anyone had any effective improvement techniques for APD? Would like to get better at processing incoming sounds (extreme sound sensitivity impedes).

Would improving focus somehow help? Any games or activities that could train my verbal processor a bit? :)


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  • never heard of apd, but am hard of hearing and autism means i can't follow the gist of the conversation so any missed word and i am lost, unfortunately hearing tests ask you to recognise numbers through background noise, whereas my problem isn't that my hearing is that bad, it almost is but not quite, but that if i miss a few words i'm lost immediately, due to the autism and inability to lipread coming from it