Pip assessment guide from DWP!!

I though some of you might find this interesting as there is a document from the DWP which tells the assessors what they need to do with the assessment process from start to finish!! I downloaded it off the net so I suppose anyone can!.

I picked up especially on a part about how before ending the assessment they should give claimants an overview of the findings they have taken from the consultation, including an indication of the fluctation and variability of function they have recorded. Claimants should be invited to clarify any points and ask any questions they may have about the assessment.

Did this happen at your assessments?? because it did NOT at my son's!!.

It also states that if they contact you by phone for addition info (they did this with me) they are again supposed to go through what they have recorded with you before ending the call! Again this did NOT happen!!.

I Am wondering if i can use this info if he is refused pip? To say they haven't followed preceedure?? i am waiting for the decision but i like to be prepared forbthe worst!!

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