Struggling to live alone and be alone everyday

I have Aspergers and I’ve lived alone for over 10 years my mum helped me get a flat and she still helps me with everyday things.  I live mostly isolated and I struggle to care for myself..  I would like to live back with my mother but I am not allowed to.  
I don’t have any other supports other than my mum.. recently she has been sick and  i am so scared she won’t be here anymore in future.

I don’t know what to do?  I don’t know if I want to live in assisted living because it might be far away from where I live now and I could be even more isolated there. 

I just want to live in a supported environment where I can ask people for help and always be looked after.. I can’t cope living alone anymore.

  • Hi I hope your mum is ok I lost my mum a few years ago and my dad has now met someone else and has moved away to live with her. I love living on my own but it was scary at 1st at the moment I’m in student accommodation I share a flat with 5 other students don’t see them tbh they do their own thing. Other students live here that I get on with so I can easily hang with them but once I finish my degree which won’t be long now I’ll be moving back to my parents house which my dad will sign to me. I am terrified about that but also excited as my dog will come live with me then. Have you got any support at all from friends or other family members maybe your landlord could help? Also are you allowed pets as I find their great company? My dog is at least when I see her she cuddles up to me on my lap and when I’m down she a great comfort. 

  • I’m sorry about your mum:(   Do you think you will be able to manage everything ok when you get the house?

    I don’t have any support at all except my mother no friends and I’ve never had any. I’ve been isolated all my life.  Right now I only have minimal contact  with an occupational therapist but they are not helpful. 

    I would struggle to look after animals because I struggle to look after myself. 
    What kind of dog do you have?

  • I have a beautiful Dalmatian called Lucy she in my profile picture. I have some amazing friends who understand my autism so they look after me. Are there any groups around autism groups for you to meet people that’s where I met my friends from going to different social groups. 

  • Oh she is adorable! 
    No I don’t go to any groups and there aren’t really any for people of my age over 30.

    i don’t think I could make friends:( 

  • You be surprised on what’s around on Sundays I go to circus eruption I learn circus skills and then chill with my friend from the afternoon then and on Wednesdays I go to social gamers which is a board game evening and every last Wednesday of the month I go to an autistic group ran by the nhs and it helps people with autism and mental health. Trust me you be surprised on what’s out there if you look hard enough. 

  • That all sounds like a lot of fun!

    I live in Northern Ireland and there isn’t much here.. I do go to a group on Fridays but it isn’t autism specific and I don’t really feel comfortable there.

    do you have any social worker supporting you?

  • perhaps you could relocate to where you can have more contact with a support network? A group home situation? There are options. Time to get proactive!

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