Communication Differences.

Just musing more than anything, I’m two years into my autism journey and still learning how differently autistic people understand communication with neurotypical people. 
I would often get into trouble and still do, last weekend my wife was looking on the internet and said to me, “There’s a craft fair on tomorrow.” my answer was, “That’s nice.” I got told off on Monday for closing the conversation down because I didn’t want to go. 
I just said that she didn’t say she wanted for us to go. 
Last night, a silly thing, I nuked some Christmas pudding after dinner and used up some cream that was near its end. I was told that I had looked after myself. My wife told me she had mentioned earlier that she fancied rice pudding.

I know I most probably sound boring, it just made me realise how neurotypical people talk in riddles and don’t just say what they want.

My ideal would have been, “There’s a craft fair tomorrow, shall we go?”

”while your in the kitchen, can you nuke my rice pudding?”

Still just realising how differently we communicate.

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