Random question but why do middle class people pretend to be working class when there not

I know a few and it's really annoys me for some reason no idea why it greats on me either being from a middle class back ground myself but unedcuated so have to do a working class job when I do get back into one. Think id discribe myself as mudle class. I say be proud of your class and hertige why hide it out of fear or embrasment no matter what class you are and those who denigh there even is a class system are usually the ones who hate people for there class.

  • I think that the formal class system is being steadily eroded in the UK, but at the same time wealth inequality is increasing. This leaves many people unsure of their position in society. Things are in flux. In many countries, France and Germany for example, intellectualism is respected and intellectuals are seen to sit largely outside the class system. I think of myself primarily as an intellectual, but this garners no respect in the UK and is not considered a defining social characteristic. I have been described in print as a "Marxist patrician", so I might as well identify as that.

  • Yeah but why should those who didn't succeed gain extra wealth from those who did. I accept I've made my bed and will lie in it as I didn't so well at school but don't believe in the system where you rob from those better off just to give to the poor. Some people succeed in life some don't that's democracy. Otherwise your governing a comunist society where the rich stay rich but the middle and working class remain worse off than before. Grass is never greener on the other side even if you think its like saying I'm poor so everyone ellse should be. Be no point in further education or better paying jobs either

  • I think that an enlightened society should take care of the less fortunate people in it, but also that hard work and merit should be rewarded. The extreme logical extension of a belief that the successful should not support the less fortunate, is the Nazi extermination of the disabled, including autistics. Why should society look after those who cannot materially contribute to it? Much of the wealth in this country is in the hands of people who inherited it, people who did not succeed in anything, other than in being born advantageously. The Duke of Westminster is worth over £10 billion and was the richest person under 30 years of age in the world . As far as I can see he has personally done nothing to merit having even a tiny fraction of this wealth.

    Marx envisaged the countries most likely to have a Communist revolution to have been highly industrialised nations, specifically the UK and Germany. Unfortunately, the countries that had such revolutions were Russia and China. Both were huge, largely agrarian, peasant societies, knowing only despotism as a form of government. That Communist government became despotic in both, is not surprising. As proof of this, Russia overthrew its Communist government, had a few years of quasi-democracy, then went back to being a despotism under Putin. Despotism in Russia is due to the country and its history, not the ideology of its leaders.

  • Thats interesting what you have written about Marx, I keep meaning to study politics and history a bit more but never get round to it.  I always wondered why communism was so bad as on the surface it looks like a good idea, you have explained why.

  • Are you implying your backing comunisum because for people like us comunisum would be the worst idiogly since the *** in world war 2. I know are lot of youth are easily brainwashed by the idea even minds like greata Thornburg back maxisum. But for us it would literally be a chatosphory and the worst out come possible. You think if we lived under a comunist recisum there'd be support for people like us?

  • I was called a "Marxist patrician" by an American borderline Neofascist, in reality I am a Socialist. However, Communism has suffered from the result of where Communist revolutions took place, in countries with little history of local political organisation, with large uneducated peasant populations, previous totalitarian regimes of long standing, a tendency to autocracy and the personality cult of a single leader - Tsar or Emperor. If such a revolution had happened in Britain or Germany, the results would have been markedly different. Communism never had a 'Master Race' ideology and disabled people were not specifically targeted for extermination as they were in Hitler's Germany. Though indeed they suffered with everyone else in the general inefficiency of the USSR etc.

  • Well we all wouldn't be here for starters as the *** would have killed us off. You wonder why you never here about autistic people in Russia it's probably cause there all in detention camps like the same as the *** did to us. I'm just saying think for yourselves rather than go with the flow of the main stream agender. Unis are the worst for teach one sided obscure idiolgies then sociaty wonders why know one has a mind of there own anymore.i can't see in colour anymore self but you still can if you stand on your own to fight and realise how something like that would repress further. Democracy is the only true liberty.

  • An enlightened society. No offence but have you been living under a rock or have you just been incredibly sheltered and fortunate from the harsh realities of this world. If people were left to there own devices the world would depend into chaos an anarchy. People aren't kind people aren't helpful people are out for themselves. Everyone's trying to get one up on eachother all the time. 

  • No, humans have evolved altruism. It is found in all societies, because in our evolutionary past people who accepted help but did not reciprocate were shunned and, as a result, had fewer offspring. They still exist, sociopaths and the like, as a small minority, but they still run the risk of being shunned.

  • Good luck to you then by all means go ahead and sell us out but don't say I didn't try to save you.

  • I kind of agree with you, but today's society is such that we don't need other people to survive. We can get anything we want at the click of a button and it will be delivered the next day. Therefore everyone is living on their own track, unaware of other people.

    Hence the selfishness of large groups of people these days e.g. anti maskers, antivaxxers. They know that they can do what they like and humans will still survive, so they only care about themselves.

  • I can't even begin to guess what you mean by this statement. Who am I selling out, and to whom am I selling them? Have you heard of the term 'altruism'? You haven't engaged with my explanation of it. 

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