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I tried and tried to find the reply gave me but cannot. So I am posting this information hoping to contact them. It is what we were talking about, women not having power in history. It is an article by Tara Mohr called Learning to Love Criticism in the New York Times if you want to look it up. It is the paragraph starting:

"There's another, deeper factor that informs women's relationship to criticism and praise."

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  • I agree - I can't follow the nested format and having to hunt for replies..

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  • it is frustrating i agree

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  • I think I've had better luck on Chrome than Safari. Sometimes this is the case for various websites. And what a good article!

    I often describe my younger self as not having 'agency' - and this is exactly what this is about. But I also had a youth riddled with just not comprehending the social structures and use of language around me. And in the house I grew up in criticism was not kind or affirming. It was debilitating. To my own credit and maybe un-recognised wee spectrummy me (LOL) found ways to Escape, created distance - probably recognised certain typical ways of engaging that I felt disgust by.

    I think in my late 20's I met humans who where kind when they used a type of critique & seemed to care. This obviously changed my expectations. But, yes, add a difficulty with social nuances and language and getting it wrong meant being homeless!

  • I am already on Chrome so it's a bit annoying that it doesn't work.

    I just feel like the longer I live, the more confused I am by life. And the more tiring it is being the weirdo all the time. I want to move away from this village.

    I made the stupidest mistake though. When I was young, I didn't realise that it is best to achieve financial independence for myself, instead of ending up dependent on a husband. I was so desperate to find love and acceptance that I just ended up as the dependent wife, trundling along, bored out of my skull, but with no resources to make changes in my life. I've devolved into a woman from history with no independence. What an idiot.

    You can be sure I'm drumming it into my daughter that she must do her best to be financially independent or she won't have choices and freedom in her life. I hope she listens to me.