Employment issues

Hi I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place,

I'm having problems at work, to the point where I've no choice but to leave.

Basically no adjustments or consideration of my ASD and adhd.

My work emailed waiting to know that I felt I'd been treated fairly, which I don't. I had not planned to raise this with them, just to go and draw a line.

I've spoken to ACAS, family, but wanted the view of people who have similar struggles that I do.

I am at such a point, that I don't know how I feel, how to react and even what's acceptable or normal just now.

Any opinions on the situation would be welcome, 

Thank you.

  • I hate reading these experiences. 

    This happened to me I get so Fucking angry with this ***. 

    Acas is absolutely crap and I think it was designed that way. 

    I still haven't fully recovered from what happened to me after 4 years. 



    Unite Union. 

    Absolutely failed me I was in contact with them every other day beginning for help.

    Whilst I was put on a performance improvement plan right after the adjustment crap from Lexit. 

    The Pip was how they turned the screws everyday, I had to report on how I screwed up on the impossible tasks they would set with no training.

    Until I was  pressured enough to quit.

    I feel so angry just thinking about it. I could spit a new shade of blue

  • poor K,  not a nice experience

  • This has happened to me multiple times know, but there isn't an reasonable solution around it which irritates me to the point of giving up. If you bring outside assistant like "access to work" involved they basically start the process of terminating you and managing you out. 

  • I am that shade of Blue, this has happened to many times to me too.

  • have u used Access to Work ? I never got them to answer the phone !

  • I haven't. Luckily HR and my manager have been supportive and I've been able to take sick leave. 

  • In my area of the country, they use every excuse not provide support and assistance, I managed once to get their assistance and it didn't go to well. They contact my employer and he then decided to manage me out of the workplace. 

  • maybe just as well they didnt answer the phone !

  • This is pretty much the situation which I find myself, right now. Shockingly similar.

    In my case, I went off sick in January of 2020, having become suicidal, in large part because of what I was dealing with at work. 

    In that time, I've taken Prozac, but I no longer do as I found it ineffective (this was to treat my anxiety and depression-not ASD), completed a course of CBT, which was effective in helping me to gain some confidence and self-belief, and been diagnosed with ASD. 

    My 'back to work' meeting was conducted in the middle of a cafe with people sitting on the surrounding tables, in which I had to talk about some very personal issues like the suicidal ideation. One of the reasonable adjustments I asked for was a transfer to a more suitable environment, and was clear that returning to the same environment which contributed to my breakdown was highly likely to erase any progress I have made and not something I was willing to do, or something I even feel physically or mentally capable of doing. 

    But I feel I've been left with no choice. And immediately the same issues started returning. The panic attacks, the shakes, the sensory issues, the suicidal ideation and depression and hopelessness, but they don't get it. After everything, after going through occupational health and everything else they expect me to return to a place where I was called a 'freak' by one manager for having OCD, despite being well aware of what a serious issue it was for me. That's one of many things but I don't want to ramble about myself anymore than I have. 

    Personally I'm trying to find the strength to return in the short term, but I'm also planning to file a grievance about how all this has been handled, and go into more detail about what it is exactly that makes the place so unbearable for me. They think if they change minor, inconsequential things I'll be happy to go back but they've disregarded what I said about the environment. Like you, I felt it better to just walk away and tried to fight my corner without going into detail about what amounts to discrimination and harrassment, but because I didn't make a grievance at the time (I felt powerless having had every other issue ignored) I don't think I'll have a case to take them to tribunal or anything, but I can demonstrate that these were things management either said, did, or were aware of, and why the workplace culture is bad for me.

    I just thought it was worth letting you know that while I can't offer any advice or help, I can appreciate your position, and if I do get anywhere with my own situation (speaking to ACAS again on Monday as well as another industry-related support line) I'll update in the hopes it will be of use to you, if you like, but I'm feeling just as lost and helpless as you seem to be feeling right now. 

    Here's hoping things improve for both of us, in the mean time if you do return I'd keep a record of incidents and report them through official channels in a timely fashion, apparently if you don't report things right away they're not treated as seriously, which is where I went wrong. 

    Good luck though :)