Employment issues

Hi I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place,

I'm having problems at work, to the point where I've no choice but to leave.

Basically no adjustments or consideration of my ASD and adhd.

My work emailed waiting to know that I felt I'd been treated fairly, which I don't. I had not planned to raise this with them, just to go and draw a line.

I've spoken to ACAS, family, but wanted the view of people who have similar struggles that I do.

I am at such a point, that I don't know how I feel, how to react and even what's acceptable or normal just now.

Any opinions on the situation would be welcome, 

Thank you.

  • I hate reading these experiences. 

    This happened to me I get so Fucking angry with this ***. 

    Acas is absolutely crap and I think it was designed that way. 

    I still haven't fully recovered from what happened to me after 4 years. 



    Unite Union. 

    Absolutely failed me I was in contact with them every other day beginning for help.

    Whilst I was put on a performance improvement plan right after the adjustment crap from Lexit. 

    The Pip was how they turned the screws everyday, I had to report on how I screwed up on the impossible tasks they would set with no training.

    Until I was  pressured enough to quit.

    I feel so angry just thinking about it. I could spit a new shade of blue

  • I am that shade of Blue, this has happened to many times to me too.

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