did an aspie test that said I had better that average Emotional facial and vocal recognition - but I took longer than the average

My results.

Test taken on 21 May 2019: You scored 87.0% in 15.1 seconds. Faces: 86.0% Voices: 88.0%

The average score for males with ASD is 69.1% in 11.6 seconds. Faces: 69.6% Voices: 68.6%
The average score for females with ASD is 69.5% in 11.4 seconds. Faces: 70.3% Voices: 68.8%
The average score for males with suspected ASD is 70.3% in 12.0 seconds. Faces: 72.8% Voices: 67.9%
The average score for females with suspected ASD is 71.9% in 11.4 seconds. Faces: 72.8% Voices: 71.0%
The average score for male neurotypicals is 72.6% in 12.7 seconds. Faces: 76.4% Voices: 68.9%
The average score for female neurotypicals is 74.8% in 11.3 seconds. Faces: 77.4% Voices: 72.1%

Anyone want to asses my scores for fun? I can see why this is not a real test or at least a part of a diagnostic suite.

https://www.aspietests.org or take your own test.