Poor autobiographical memory and the assessment process

I am wondering how much poor autobiographical memory is a hindrance when it comes to being assessed for ASD. I was asked several questions which I could only give rather vague answers to as I couldn't remember in greater depth.

  • Hi firemonkey I have followed your posts as you go through being assessed, first off can I say thank you so much for sharing each stage in such detail.

    I for one say your doing so very well at a time when anxiety levels can be high.

    Reading all the various threads and how things can vary to such a great degree is quite mind boggling.

    There doesn’t seem to be any consistency throughout the diagnosis process and very much a random broken kind of system which is very dislocated in it’s entirety.

     Anyway regarding your question, poor autobiographical memory!

    I have a very poor memory which I am sure comes from being on the dyslexia spectrum, if indeed that it can be called a spectrum?

    I long ago researched dyslexia and very much it described my early years .

    my daughter has a  diagnosis of dyslexia, not picked up until attending her first college.

    memory of childhood when being assesssed.

     Amazing just how much of me I could see in her when she had issues.

    I imagine if there are no family  around who really noticed me as a youngster I too would have to rely on my own memories.

    Not great with my poor ability for recalling things.

    my family have pretty much all rejected me now anyway. So I will be in my own .

     I have vivid  specific memories that are few when I was very young. traumatic ones, only recently since self diagnosis which gave me a greater understanding of why so traumatic. 

    Me trying my best and often showing my kindness was misunderstood and often seen as wrong or just not seen at all as such.

    I am sure you will be ok, it is a very anxious time waiting and not really knowing just how everything we have answered will be given due prudence and seen as an indicator or a definite?

    Hold strong and keep asking and sharing, we all need each other and to know we are understood really makes a huge difference.

    Take care and whatever happens just keep being amazing YOU.

  • Thanks   .  I've tried to explain as best I can,but others have done it much better re the assessment process.  It is sad re your daughter that in this day and age it took till college for the dyslexia to be picked up on  . I have a very probable learning difficulty that has never been picked up on because if you were seen as being an intelligent child in the early 60s to mid 70s having an LD was never considered. It was frustrating because at the end of the assessment I was given a form to fill in that asked if I had various things. I could tick the mental illness box but couldn't tick the learning difficulty box, as although I would say 95%+ I do I've never actually been diagnosed with it .