Conversation issues

I have recently been told by my employer that I sometimes respond sharply to my colleague, this is normally when I'm trying to do other tasks. I dont mean to be rude is this my Aspergers or am I rude I am trying to alter my behaviour but find it difficult.

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  • I was also made to apologize still unsure what I did

    In a way then it's not resolved. Part of an apology is to say you won't do something again. If you don't know what you're not supposed to do, then it's unhelpful to both people.

    I can think of one or two incidents where I've had this. Basically someone NT, knowing I'm autistic, has expressed only an emotion, being upset or uncomfortable, in reaction to something I'd said. They couldn't tell me why they felt that emotion, nor how they would like me to behave differently. I would probably have been happy to amend my behaviour if I'd known, but basically had to accept this.

    So one can either go with some working hypothesis about being 'sharp' (for example, you expressed the need to be alone when they needed acceptance themselves, or gave an answer, without any 'frills' when they needed knowledge and an expression of equality); or try to get more information. If it's potentially all water under the bridge, you may not want to take the risk of aggravating the situation further by approaching the colleague directly or boss to mediate. Ideally it would be the colleague, but I wonder if you have spoken about it to people you trust yet to see if they recognise this 'sharpness' in you.

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