Conversation issues

I have recently been told by my employer that I sometimes respond sharply to my colleague, this is normally when I'm trying to do other tasks. I dont mean to be rude is this my Aspergers or am I rude I am trying to alter my behaviour but find it difficult.

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  • The game seems to run like this:

    They ask you about something. 

    You talk **** like so many NTs do

    They are pleased that you are now on the hook, having declared that whatever it is shall be possible /delivered on time etc. 

    Later, they can say it's all your fault if things go badly. 

    This Social Game, is called "Now I've Got You You Son of a B i t c h" (NIGYYSB) in terms of Transactional Analysis (TA).

    The game involves Mr white hiring Mr Black to do a set job at a certain price by fixed date, and in certain knowledge that Mr Black will not be able to complete the contracted task ~ in the allotted for time-frame.

    Mr white gets a cut price job done, as any costs after the contracted job completion date ~  become Mr Black's problem.