What positive steps did you take after (adult) diagnosis?

Good afternoon all.

I just wondered what positive steps people took after they were diagnosed as adults.  I am still awaiting my (hopefully) final appointment next week and am going through a rollercoaster of emotions such as: it won't change who I am, it won't make a difference to those that know me, will I grieve for the situations I found troublesome growing up etc etc.

I guess I am asking:

Did diagnosis help?

Did things start to make sense?

Did you do things differently as you were more aware?

and what are people's experience with telling work colleagues?  I am of the mind not to at the moment, as I don't necessarily need anything to change there.

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  • Did diagnosis help? - help? Not sure yet. But it definitely did change things. Some for the better, some for (much) worse.

    Did things start to make sense? - admittedly yes, as it explained a helluva lot of stuff I previously didn't understanding. And slowly but surely, I'm beginning to better understand myself now.

    Did you do things differently as you were more aware? - yes, I'm starting to build better strategies.

    What are people's experience with telling work colleagues? - awful. People have responded in the most ignorant of ways. For example, my immediate colleagues will often stand around talking negatively about other autistic staff members - even though I'm stood right next to them and they know I'm autistic!  Yet, they don't see the problem with that. They usually justify it with "I have no problem with them being autistic, but..." and then proceed to rip apart the very qualities that make them autistic.

    Likewise, I've had friends for the better part of 20 years, who scared me with just how quickly and starkly their behaviours and attitude towards me changed when they found out about my diagnosis. They now talk down to me like I've got a learning difficulty, whereas before diagnosis they often came to me for help.

    For me, diagnosis was a double-edged sword. I'm still struggling to come to terms with it, as it does change things for better or worse...

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