Rename Aspergers “Wingers Syndrome”

If Aspergers should be renamed why not call it:

”Wingers Syndrome”

After Lorna Winger?

  • I don't like it, I hate the sound of it.
    To be honest I don't want it to be renamed at all. >> It would complicate the issue of autism awareness to suddenly change the name of a common form of autism.

    I think it would be a net negative for the autistic community. Keeping (and increasing) understanding and knowledge of the condition by as many people as possible- which is vital for our functioning in a world that's very much not designed for us- outweighs "ooer it's named after some nasty dead man". We change it, nobody knows what the heck we're on about and it's harder to get that vital understanding from average members of the public.

    I mean, in general who thinks of the person rather than the syndrome when they hear the word "asperger"? I would think nobody. So how is it honouring his memory in real terms? It's just a name of a thing AFAIC.

    Having read the suggestions in the initial thread, the only one I would accept is Attwood's, but that's only because I personally got so much from his work- so I fully accept that's me being biased.

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