Want some support

Hi I'm new to this so I don't no if I'm doing it right. I'm being tested for autism and anxiety but I do suffer from depression. I'm 30 years old. Not getting though things as I use to. Iv just split up from my partner of 8 years but there starting to move on and she's looking after her sisters kids which Iv know and helped with since birth. Iv heard that she's met someone but I can't seem to move on, feel like I want to give up on them but that's what I don't want to do. Can't help what's going on in my head, losing sleep. Can someone talk to me. X

  • Hello. I'm not really very good at giving advice or support but I'm really sorry to hear about your relationship split. After 8 years that must be pretty hard, and even harder when her nieces  or nephews have been a part of your life too. If she has found someone else it sounds like you need to let her go but that is way easier said than done, especially if you already have anxiety and depression. I wonder if it may be possible for  arrangements to be made for the children to visit you? Relationship splits are so emotionally difficult for the neuro typical person but for us its even harder as we struggle to make sense of what has happened. Is it possible for you to see your gp and see if there is any kind of counsellor or someone you could talk to? If not there are people on here who can always listen if nothing else. you are welcome to sound off anytime.

  • Hello, I’m sorry to hear of your distress. Break-ups are difficult for most people and perhaps more so for those on the spectrum due to the sudden change in circumstance and different environment. One way I find useful when in a troublesome situation that involves other people, is to imagine that I am reading a novel or an article about characters in the same position. It may even help to write down a short story describing the experience from  everyone’s point of view.  Try to be as objective as possible. This will enable you to take one step away and assist you in deciding the appropriate way to proceed. Remember that - unless some sort of persecution or intimidation has been involved - affairs of the heart should not be subject to judgement. 

    I hope you find yourself in a more harmonious state of mind soon. Graham.