Gp refusing to give any anti depressants for anxiety. He recommended talking therapies instead but I'm feeling pretty low and crb doesn't work for me :(


I'm having a bit of a rubbish day so would appreciate any advice. After a long wait to see a gp regarding my anxiety which is really affecting me I wasn't allowed a prescription for an antidepressant as the gp believes that a non medicated route is the best.

Normally I just take beta blockers but I'm struggling with low mood and anxiety more than usual. I explained that I am saving up for a private assessment for autism and told him that I believe that sensory overload and general fear of social interaction due to being crap at it is the main factor in my panic attacks. 

Has anyone found that medication has helped them or should I suck it up and resign myself to the fate of being permanently anxious for ever?

I've tried CBT on four separate occasions and it hasn't worked for me at all so I am a little pessimistic about talking therapies in general.