PIP assessment - and I didn't send in the form ....

Just before Christmas, I was persuaded by my support worker to apply for a PIP.  Having been sent the forms, I proceeded to try to complete them.

I had a bit of difficulty, looked on websites for pointers as to how to fill them in.  Now I know I have problems.  But generally I seem to be able to run my life if I don't have interference.  Where I have biggest problems is forgetfulness, a 'hoarding' and 'untidyness' problem, inadvertantly upsetting others, and problems with missing my footing, knocking into things (and having shop items 'jump' off shelves frequently when I pass!) and falling over once or twice every couple of months.  I don't usually hurt myself when I fall over, probably as a result of learning how to fall. I also have problems with cooking (I don't do it, apart from boil an egg or put something in the microwave, usually eating cold food).

So I did not send the forms in at all, thinking I would not be eligible and not wanting to waste my time.  However, I have now been sent an appointment with Capita for next week.  My support worker is willing to accompany me.  But what exactly do I say?  It is not that the money would not be useful, it is that I do not want to put myself through all the stress involved with my time and then be refused when that is what I think will happen anyway (from other posts on PIP assessments).

And has anyone else just been invited 'out of the blue' having been sent the forms but not sent them off?  And should I take the (unsent) answers/evidence with me to help me or would this not help at all? 

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  • How do you know that you will be one of the ones who doesn't receive the benefit? If you meet all of the criteria there's no reason why you wouldn't'. It's always worth taking the picture forums paint with a pinch of salt. It's the people who are having problems who come here for help or to air theigrievancesce, the ones who have PIP don't need additional help or advice. I have applied for PIP twice (initial application and renewal) and received the award both times.

    If you don't need the money and you don't think the stress is worth it then don't apply. I'm a big believer that well-being is more important than money. If you decide you want to pursue this my advice as a successful claimant is to provide independent evidence to back up as many points as you can. This could include a print out of your GP notes with relevant appointments highlighted, A2W reports, letter from employer/support worker, any email evidence. You can hand these to your assessor at your f2f appointment.

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