GP Help

Today I took my first steps of going to my GP appointment, and discussing my thoughts regarding possibly being on the Autistic Spectrum. I went with my mum who also gave some background information regarding childhood/young adulthood and I mentioned certain areas which made me want to get checked/assessed.

I am 21, and the GP recommended I look into services at my local 'Find it Out' centre, which is basically generalised counselling/emotional support. There is no medical training/thorough psychological training in the areas I am needing it in. Not only this, but these services are only offered between the ages of 11-18, which confuses me further as to why I have been told to go down this avenue.

I mentioned how I understood from research, that referrals are made for a diagnosis etc, to which my GP said was true, however was not always the first steps, and it is further along down the process.

I would like others opinions on this, as well as wondering if a second opinion may be the best option?

Thank you to anyone who replies