Collecting things

Does anyone else collect a particular thing and feel quite obsessive about it?

My collection kind of possesses my mind and is really bad for my bank balance, but also brings me massive joy.

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  • Yes, definitely. It was one of the things that came up in my (very) recent diagnosis, my wife and my mum came to my appointment and it's one of the things that has been the most long standing and obvious.

    Special Interests have come and gone over the years, each new one brings a compulsion to learn everything possible and collect and organise whatever forms the basis of it.

    My latest interest, believe it or not, was in traditional wet shaving. What started off as a money saver quickly turned into an obsession over shaving soaps and razor blades. I've tried shaving with razor blades from countries all over the world and the one tube of shaving cream at the beginning has now morphed into a collection that will easily last for years!!

    The clutter in the bathroom is driving my wife nuts lol.

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