Recently diagnosed as ASD

Anyway long story short, I was diagnosed with ASD two weeks ago. I have been looking around for support or social groups targeting people with ASD that are not low functioning. I could find   only found one in my area (west sussex). The only problem there is that they have no (vacancies) for new members whatever that means. Im due to start uni in September i know there are a few groups for autistic folk there but in the mean time are there really no social groups or support out there???? 

i am kind of lucky in a sense that i have a social network but is that it... do people on there own with nobody have nothing?

  • It seems like it!

    Since my own diagnosis about a month ago I've looked around for similar resources to those you mention and HFA is apparently ignored by most, if not all, of the Autism services out there. If you're over 16 and don't need services such as sheltered housing or practical / personal care - apparently you don't need anything at all!

    I'm slowly finding places that offer courses to understand HFA better but they're all targeted at those working with Autism in general, not those who actually have HFA in particular. Sourcing books and research papers is perhaps the most useful thing out there but you need to know what you're looking for first - catch 22. 

    You're lucky to at least have a group in your area, most areas (including my own) have nothing from what I've heard from others on here. Good luck, and if you do come across any useful resources let us all know about them!

    This forum is actually the most useful resource I've found so far as there are lots of people on here facing the same, or similar, challenges and openly discussing many aspects of autism in general (and HFA in particular) that I either didn't know about / wasn't told about at my diagnostic assessment, or simply chatting about everyday thoughts and experiences that I can relate to. (I believe there are other forums like this, such as Aspie Village, but I haven't gotten around to trying them yet.) I've found the people here to be tremendously helpful,  knowledgeable, and patient with us newbies as well as generous in providing not only details of resources they've found but also in taking the time to provide easy links to articles etc. they've come across.           

  • Hi Dave,

    I've just done a quick search on the Autism Services Directory and have found 2 possible groups that might be of interest to you:

    Aut-Hazelmere:  They also have a Facebook page:

    NAS Surrey Service - Aspire Social Group:  The details for this group can be found in the Autism Services Directory which you can find here:
    I hope that helps.