Changes to PIP and a full review

I thought those of you who claim or have attempted to claim PIP might want to know that the government has lost a court appeal about PIP. It doesn't mean you will get it if you didn't or that you will get more if you already get some PIP but it does mean a full review with more weighting to mental health issues.

  • My son is currently awaiting a tribunal date after having his PIP denied. His assessor basically assessed him using a MSE, and on his physical support needs, and completely disregarded anything he/we said about his Autism and learning disabilities. In her report she used every bit of her professional knowledge to twist what he said.

    It is outrageous that these so called vocational health professionals, working for ATOS/CAPITA are actually being paid to find ways to inflict pain and damage on vulnerable people in such a twisted way, just so this government can presumably give the banking sector a few more tax breaks before their time is up.  I hope one day there will be real accountability for what this government have overseen with PIP, and for the soulless companies and health professionals who have done their bidding.

    While my son does also suffer from mental health issues around his disability, which the assessor also ignored, that is not why he applied for PIP, and I would like to know, (if anyone here knows) how this news will affect people on the autistic spectrum?

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