Involuntary outbursts when alone - sort of Tourette's

Very recently diagnosed with ASD. Does anyone else get a sort of mild Tourette's? When I am alone I tend to say things that I'm thinking, or come out with an involuntary groan or word. It happens particularly when I think of something embarrassing. Is this an ASD thingy? Thanks!

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  • I talk to myself all the time too. It helps to narrate what i'm doing. I don't get outbursts as such, but i do frequently get random words stuck in my head, which is like a silent version haha. Tends to be a word that i've recently heard for the first time, and either don't know what it means, or i really like the sound of it. They can get stuck for days at a time. No idea if that's a spectrum thing or just a quirk of my brain!