Getting the message out 'Autism in our own words'

First of all I will state this is not a survey just to reassure moderators.

Inspired by the Chris Packham Programme, and by some answered to that thread about non celebrity autistic people plus some things in another thread about life histories, I think this could be very useful for both neurotypical and autistic people.

What I am thinking of is if a book could be published with each chapter being someone's life story. It would incorporate earliest memories, our background, experiences at school, academic achievements and failures,  misunderstandings, the realisation that neurotypical were a bit strange, experiences in the workplace or of being out of work, the skills possessed and our interests, how others try to change us, the disrespect we often get - I'm sure you get the idea.

Am I the only one who would find this very interesting?  I have no idea how this could be brought to the attention of a publisher, or what forums would be available to tell our extended stories.  Even an online publication could prove interesting.

We all have a different story to tell, linked by our common condition so there would be differences but also some similarities.  Psychologists who diagnose probably are aware of all this but as a means of comparing notes and informing others this could be as valuable as any number of academic papers

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