A continuation from the first "Thread", which is now quite long, yet only at times digressing.
If anyone cannot find the previous "Thread", then have a go at entering parts of the title of this here thread, into a "Search"-Box.
...Certainly, All who visit, are welcome to paste anything into either that previous Thread or into this new one.

(As always, glad tidings and a generous Thank You, to one and all from myself.) また... がんばって 下さいな...

  • It is I, the starter... but wait! One and all step back; for NAS THEMSELVES has come amongst us...?

    *ahem*. Concerning this "log on + reply button" business. Excuse my capital letters, yet please heed them very much (I can't use pictures, bold, or itallics)...

    Firstly, consider a TOUCH-SCREEN device. I am uncertain of proper terms, so bear with me, please. (For this and maybe future posts, concerning similar technicallities.) There is: soft-touch, hard-touch, swift-touch, "swipe", "tap", and touch-and-hold... sort of.

    Next - regardless of it being Touch-Screen or not... do you see a SCROLLBAR?

    Finally: ...Sometimes you will be able to use the SCROLLBAR in order to move the whole page/screen/words, up or down or left or right, etc. Many Touch-Screen devices display only ONE thing at a time, such as a page...with NO Scrollbar. (This means no FIXED-on-Screen Scrollbar.)

    This is the deal: Please try the following:
    1 -Do NOT "log on/sign in" yet. Or Manually Log-off/Sign-out.
    Now browse the site as if you are NOT a member of it.
    2- Try to find, and then select any page, which has a "REPLY" button immediately visible (e.g. not this page on a small device!)
    3- The "REPLY" button *should* appear as grey or as "ghosted". (It is Unselected/Inactive.)
    4 - This next, is different across devices. Now move your CURSOR, or just "TAP" (soft tap) upon any post...
    5- NOW the "REPLY" button is selected! (Pink?)
    6- We are still NOT signed in, remember?
    That this "Reply" button now claims to offer chance to reply... is where the very many errors begin! (I may try to continue that on another post, for this one is long.)

    7- ...Have a care! According to different devices, including those with a CURSOR, in order to simply SCROLL the screen, it may activate the "Reply" button, as you select a post or even an area near to any text. The protocol should be that, in order to scroll, yet NOT SELECT, that you touch no WORDS (i.e. touch a blank area or some graphic such as a border, or fast-touch, or swipe.). This is different across devices, and for your own device(s), the difference must be taken into account.


    NOTE - This is a matter about which I am less sure. Yet I have seen it and so I note it here.
    If you are NOT "signed in", then the "Reply" button is all on its own, or maybe with showing number of LIKES or DISLIKES, or miscellaneous information.
    Yet if you ARE "signed in" - UPON THAT TAB/PAGE/BROWSER (!)... then somewhere around the "Reply" button or its level, it may offer you the opportunity to DO any "like/dislike". (it shows extra arrows or more buttons, such as "more" or "edit".)
    The problem here, is in multiple TABS, PAGES, or BROWSERS... or just signing in or out manually. If you are not signed in on one page/tab/browser, then when offered opportunity to sign in somewhere else, it does not apply to what was opened before. Even if you "refresh" all of the page(s).(...!)

    End so far. Please and thank you anyone, if you understand this post, and/or then the steps which I listed there. Just to let you know, it did take about a week before I myself noticed this highly unruly business. I cannot emphasise enough about the REPLY button being "Unselected" and then "Selected" (Inactive and then Active) --- ACCIDENTALLY. 'Bye for now.

  • Concerning the "Post"/"Reply" BOX.
    A random tip for anyone, which I use, which aught to apply regardless of device used.

    ...I do not use the reply box to reply into (this is why I cannot "chat", perhaps.). I write my replies in another separate program, a word processor, notepad, jotter, etc. And only then do I paste them back into that dreadfully tiny reply box in order to post them.

    Concerning the Internet, the POST box is a necessity, but not as much a necessity to me as the SEARCH box, I say. ふっ.

  • That problem - that when you sign in via the Reply button you can end up in the wrong place - is the one I mentioned earlier that I discovered in testing the wider issues raised in this thread. I'm not sure how it was missed previously, sorry. We'll address it.