Struggling Teenager at Uni !

I'm the Grandma of a 19 year old. He's been diagnosed as dispraxic, dislexic & possible aspergers. He's struggled all his life , no friends at school , bullied etc. 

He's very, very interested in astronomy and has just started a foundation year in astronomy/physics. However he says he's getting stressed & struggling and is talking of leaving. It's everything he's ever wanted and I'm so sad for him. He's above average IQ and a good memory. 

I dread him leaving University as I've no idea what type of job he could do. I hate the thought of him doing a boring job when he was so looking forward to a career in astronomy. 

Could anyone give me any advice for him or suggestions for his future?

many thanks 

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  • What is he struggling with?

    Is it the academic side or the social life (or lack of it)?   Or is one affecting the other.

    If he does leave he will regret it for the rest of his life, thinking what might have been.  

    So try to find out what the real problem is and help him in some way!