Parents and carers of children with sensory issues including brushing teeth

Dear parents and carers.I am in the middle of watching a fantastic talk given by a specialist occupational therapist on YouTube. I hope you find it useful as it gives lots of practical and inexpensive solutions sensory issues ( sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, balance and spatial awareness) including overwhelm.

  • When is behaviour not behaviour? - Corinna Laurie
    The National Autistic Society 
    Published on 17 Feb 2014Autism and Education, 12th December 2013.
    'When is behaviour not behaviour? Using sensory understanding for classroom intervention and support' - Corinna Laurie

    Out now! Corinna Laurie's new book for professionals looks at our senses and how these affect behaviour. A must for anyone working with students who have autism.

    But it’s not just useful for school