CAMHS v Specialist Service

I wonder if anyone can advise. My son who is 12 has been with CAMHS for a number of years with little impact. I, in conjunction with his school, asked that he be referred to a specialist service. He has acute anxiety and I feel CAMHS have one bag of tools which they are unable to adapt for ASD. We have tried with them for a number of years but with little impact. I believe he needs a specialist service that can look at him as a whole with an expert knowledge of ASD. Our consultant refuses to refer him. The GP has tried to advocate on our behalf to little effect. Does anyone have any ideas. I am very concerned as we are entering adolescence. Many thanks. 

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  • Community mental health services turned me away for years - refusing to even consider that I might have ASC.  I was told it would have been picked up in my childhood.  Maybe it should have been - but back in the '60s and '70s, Asperger's was unheard of... and I was just a dope with behaviour issues.

    I even had one psychiatrist tell me that I couldn't be autistic because I didn't flap my hands.  As you say, they have one bag of tools - but even that bag has tools missing.  One CPN once said to me that she could tell from looking at me that I didn't have BPD!  Really?  Amazing!

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