Telling a 4 year old about his Asperger's diagnosis... Any advice?

Hi, we recently had an Asperger's Syndrome diagnosis for my four year old.  He is very self aware about his behaviour.  We haven't told him about his diagnosis properly. I bought a picture book about Asperger's and he identifies with the boy in it. He starts school in September and I am wondering how and when we should tell him properly about his autism.  Has anyone any suggestions or experiences which they can share.  I have looked at other threads but they all appear to be about older children.

  • Hi NAS24152, I know this is an old thread but did you end up telling your son? Our five-year-old had his first paediatrician appointment this week, and she said she thinks he's going to get a pretty straightforward Asperger's diagnosis, and it could all move pretty quickly. We definitely want to tell him, but only once he's actually diagnosed.

    He adores his American cousin, who's autistic as well, so it's already on his radar as A Thing, without it being a negative. I've also oh-so-casually introduced him to Julia on Sesame Street and Pablo on CBeebies, plus a few of the less-scary scenes in the new Power Rangers film (Billy the Blue Ranger is quite open about being on the spectrum, and a fantastic character). So I feel like the groundwork is laid, but I'd still like to hear about other parents' experiences!


    My book came out a few days ago and is based on my positive experiences of informing more than 250 children aged 6 to 18 about their autism. It is available from

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