Are You Concerned About Your Child’s Cyber Safety?

Hi Everyone,

My relative, who is in his mid 20s, has high functioning Autism. He lives in residential living and is well used to being on the internet and searching for things.

My parents and I are concerned about exposure to online threats such as scammers, cyber bullies, violent or upsetting videos (or ones that otherwise give him bad ideas); but also self-inflicted ones like buying a motorbike he can’t afford, or posting something on social media that could cause him or other people problems.

It would be great to think of him using things like social media to chat with other people in a similar situation about his passions, catch up with old friends, perhaps even meet someone, but without the risks (or at least reduced risks).

To parents, what challenges do you have keeping your child safe from online threats? What keeps you up at night?

  • Urgh...we are glad SD16 does Tumblr but not Facebook.

    We just keep talking about personal safety.

    If she was living with us full time I would be suggesting she does more computer time in the family room so we can share discussions more real time

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