Clothing issues

Hi all. I'm new to the group so sorry if this has been asked before. My 10 year old daughter has a new diagnosis of autism after 7 years of struggling with her behaviour/traits etc. However we are struggling increasingly with clothing issues. Everything is too tight/scratchy etc etc  the biggest issue is underwear And dislikes anything that she has to wear. I've tried all styles of underwear and a range of sizes. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions. Specific seamless underwear are just too expensive. Please help!!

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  • I'm also having clothing issues of a different kind, 11 daughter causing us to worry because she is wearing way too much clothing on holiday in the tropics. She can't explain to us why she needs to wear a hoodie zipped up and full length leggings, theses items are what she wore on the lane over here( were in south east Asia). This started s few weeks ago though, the teacher called me at work to say that she won't take cardigan off and that she is holding the cuffs in her palms all day. I know there is probably a trigger for this but we can't get her to tell us why..... totally stumped with what to do and this is causing her to have meltdown.Any advice?