Clothing issues

Hi all. I'm new to the group so sorry if this has been asked before. My 10 year old daughter has a new diagnosis of autism after 7 years of struggling with her behaviour/traits etc. However we are struggling increasingly with clothing issues. Everything is too tight/scratchy etc etc  the biggest issue is underwear And dislikes anything that she has to wear. I've tried all styles of underwear and a range of sizes. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions. Specific seamless underwear are just too expensive. Please help!!

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  • My little daughter's "favourote outfit" is no clothes :). She finds many too scratchy or tight etc.

    Can you sew? If you can there are a few tricks:
    - if you buy briefs lightly big you can sew another seam into the side (about 1cm in) as the new seam (really basic) can be folded flat and is much softer.
    - When you take labels out either overlock the egde or add a soft patch
    - the pillowcase dress/tunic is great for summer and in winter can be worn with leggings (my small likes leggings).

    It's more difficult if fashion is important to you but these basics help us keep the everyday more low cost. 

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