aggressive behaviour in 4 year old


I am new to this, and any other forums and not sure how it all works. So hello and here goes.

I am a granny and part time carer to my 4 year old grandson who has not actually been diagnosed with autism but is only half a point off being so.

Recently his behaviour has become more and more violent to other close family and we are at a loss as to the best way to deal with it. At present he has only targeted his immediate family, mum,dad, little brother and me. Anything can set it off, usually small things such as his tea not being ready at exactly the time he thinks it should be. He punches, kicks, scratches, pulls hair and bites. It is a controlled action, not done in a frenzy and he almost seems to enjoy hurting us. At present we are just trying to talk to him once he has stopped to try to understand his feelings and to explain that it is unacceptable. He does not want to apologise and doesn't seem to understand that he upsets us by this behaviour. His brother now cringes every time he comes near him.

I would be grateful for any advice anyone may have.


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  • Hi Sophia

    Thanks for your reply. My grandson is a very bright boy and likes doing all sorts of things both inside and out. It is more difficult now as when he gets home from school it is too dark to go outside and he gets bored very easily. We give him as much attention as we can and play constantly with him but you never know what will set him off so we feel as if we are forever walking a tightrope trying to keep him happy. My arms are covered with bite marks and bruises from a particularly bad episode yesterday. We love him so much and really want to help him through his problems but are finding it difficult to get any help from anywhere.

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