peer group socialisation for high functioning young adult


I am the mother of a young man in his early 20s with high functioning Asperger Syndrome. He lives in a Supported flat, where he has guitar lessons and is interested in music, films, photography and computer games. 

Because he's quite isolated at the moment, without other young people he can relate to, I'm wondering whether there are similar young people around Leeds he could meet or perhaps communicate with via Facebook. I'm not sure how that would work ( with not giving personal information via the forum ) but I'm sure it could be managed somehow. Perhaps NAS could advise.

Although his conversation is intelligent and witty, he's not going out much at the moment.

Suggestions welcome.


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  • Hello. I realise your post is now 2 years old but wonder whether you had any success in your quest. I am the father of a teenager who, although he has no diagnosis, appears to me to display mild symptoms of autism. He is intelligent and expects to go to University, he wants to make friends, but finds social conversation very difficult. I worry he is becoming isolated and how he will cope at University.

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