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Hiya.I'mnew to all this.My asd son is 10.Due to start secondary in 12months and it terrifies me.We had chosen a school for him but he is adamant he doesnot want to go there and wants to go to the school the rest of his class are going to.He has a statement for 17.5 hours per week.Its 12 minths away and i am already not sleeping,feeling physically sick at the though.Have others felt this way? How have your children got on in secondary?? Good and bad replies welcome.Thankyou in advance x

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  • Hi there - our DS was only recognised to be on the spectrum three months into Y7. The change in school had exasperated his anxiety and ASD traits.  A year later we had a diagnosis of HFASD.  He has an EHCP now. However, a couple of years too late for us but if your son is under SEN at middle school, I’ve since found out that our local secondary school had smaller, independent days for children under SEN so that when they started properly in September, they knew what to expect and recognised classrooms, layout and teachers.  Totally makes sense to me!

    it might be worthwhile speaking to your SENDCO at the middle school for them to arrange this?

    it might help or it might not but from experience, the more information and familiarity that our children have often arms them to cope that little bit more.

    good luck 

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