Explaining Autism to my 9 year

i am really struggling with how to explain to my almost 9 yr old son that he has traits in-line with an ASD diagnosis (we are in the process of getting a potential diagnosis and have been told it is highly likely)  I feel it would help him to understand that he is not alone and that whilst he may see things differently from some people and react to things differently sometimes that there are lots of ways which I can find to help him, but it might take some time for us to do that. 

I thought about the video on this website, but it talks about disability and has a pretty bleak outlook in terms of statics, he is lucky that he functions very well academically and manages to mask/hold things in at school, but that does make our home life difficult, I also don’t want to give him this label and tell him he is at a disadvantage in this way, I want him to see the positives as he already has low self esteem and started to get a bit worried when we were talking about being a bit different. 

Does anyone have any child friendly resources they can recommend which might help me to explain to him as I feel like I’m really floundering here...