Moving to a new city with 4yr boy who is having social communication issues

Hi All,

I would love to get your opinions around moving to another city with an autistic child as myself and my husband consider the move to Hasting or other city at the south part of UK.

I am very worried about the move as my 4.5 yr boy is starting reception in September in a good school with 10.5 hrs teaching assistant a week thanks to receiving scep grant.

We still are awaiting for assessment (over a year of wait already!) and find out diagnosis. We live currently in Kingston Upon Thames area and we've been lucky to get some help from the councils.

May I kindly ask if anyone knows how it would look like moving to another city & getting him assessed? Would we be added to a waiting list and had to wait again 1.5-2 years? Also if we got scep grant would that be considered by other councils? Or would we have to start everything from beginning which I am badly worried about? Also a question for families who already live at the south part ok UK by the sea - are you getting good support from councils & schools in the area you live?

Any additional suggestions for moving with autistic child? Or perhaps can you suggest any autism friendly cities by the seaside at the south part of UK?

Any suggestions & comments are greatly appreciated!


  • Hi Domi,

    I can't really answer some of your questions but we made a move from Cornwall to Reading with our son who was in year 2 at the time.

    We were still waiting for assesment and had to start again in the new borough. We were able to prove that we had already been on a list and were told that this would reduce our waitng time. In total we waited 2 and a half years before his assesment this includes the wait before we moved.

    We had fanastic help from the school in Corwall but the waiting list was just as long down there. Support at his current school is also brilliant.

    Support will be different in each area so you will need to contact the council and schools you wish to send him to as to wether they will accept his SCEP. If you can I would reccomend having a conversation with the SENCO of the school so you get a better picture of what will be offered. 

    Sorry I could help further but feel free to message and I will answer any questions I can.