Autistic toddler (undiagnosed) doesn't like baby brother

Hi all

I have a 22 month old girl who is showing many early symptoms of ASD. She is on the autism pathway and awaiting an appointment with the Community Paediatric Team. 

I also have a 7 month old baby boy. My daughter showed no/very little interest in him from when he was born. He is now crawling and trying to interact with her. She does not like this at all - sometimes she just removes herself but sometimes she gets upset and takes our hand and leads us to him so that we can move him.

Does anyone have any experience in this area or have any tips that can help her get used to him/bond with him. He adores her and is just desperate to play! 


Parents Reply
  • it appears that the environment that makes her happy is one without my son in it

    Why isn't this an option? Why can't you set up private areas for her where she can 1)be left alone 2) retreat to when she needs space? 

    Is there no option to put her brother in a playpen for parts of the day so your daughter knows she's safe? Could you put her in a play pen in the hallway, another room etc so that she gets some time away from her brother? Would your daughter be happy playing in her room on her own for a bit whilst you monitor her using a video monitor?

    I've already noticed my LO loves privacy and this helps her to develop. For example, she spent weeks rolling on her own in her cot before she would do this in front of me and her dad. Even though there's only me and her in most days, to provide her with more private spaces around the house I've been looking at 'Table Dens' but have decided to get her a teepee with some fairy lights, seen as they're portable, have doors so she can be completely alone, plus they can easily be moved room from room.