Parent request for EHCP help

Hi all

Hope everyone is keeping themselves safe and well in these difficult times.

I have a question regarding an EHCP. My daughter has been accepted for assessment, which is great. However my daughter is not known to the list of the seven professionals they are requesting advice from. The agencies I have requested they ask information from have not been added, including CAMHS. Can anyone help me as seems strange why they would ask for advice from professionals my daughter has never seen.

Thank you in advance for any help.

  • Good morning,

    My son has just finished his assessment and now has his official diagnosis. I understand the whole assessment process can be a bit frustrating at times but there is no reason to worry :-) my son had no connection with CAHMS or any other organisation. They just looked at reports from his school, a statement from his SEND worker and the referal from children's integrated services (the team all children see to mark there milestones while growing up).

    After his first initial assessment at the hospital, the doctor noticed clear signs of autism so then put us forward for the second stage. The second stage happened 18 months later and was a really relaxed meeting. She did certain activities with my son and gave us the diagnosis there and then. 

    During this final assessment, that's when the case worked gave us lots of information about contacting CAHMS and other organisations to help with his anxiety etc. 

    So even though you don't have any connection with these organisations yet, they can refer you to them if it's what you want or if they feel it is needed. 

    Hope this helps, please don't worry and good luck with it all! 

    Alice :-)