Ways to motivate a non verbal 3 year old to want to communicate


My little boy is going through the diagnosis process at the moment. This post relates mainly to speech therapy, we’ve been told he needs specialised speech and language therapy because he is non verbal and he is not motivated to communicate or even want to learn to. 

Has anyone else been in this position and can give me some tips and ideas on how to motivate him?

Speech and Language therapy won’t even consider us for one to one or group sessions as they say it’s pointless when he doesn’t have the foundations to want to communicate. 

Any help greatly appreciated


  • Hi,

    I don't have any experience of this I'm sorry, this is probably a silly question but are you using a pecs system with him? Or other communication device? 

    I am sure you are already aware that behaviour can be communication as well I was just wondering if there was any way you could use something he likes or knows to encourage him, 

    Alot of autistic children start speaking later and if he is feeling pressured into speaking it may make him more reluctant to do so 

    I am sorry I'm not more helpful, but check the sections on the site maybe there is so helpful information there if not I suggest that you call the helpline they can give you more information 

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