Help for Undiagnosed Autistics or Carers of undiagnosed

The autism guide says -

The Children and Families Act 20144 will help to support young people in preparing for adulthood.

The Care Act 20145 places a strong emphasis on preventing and delaying needs for care and support, making sure that there is appropriate information and advice for people, support for carers, and promoting integration between social care and health care services.

It also places a duty on local authorities to promote a person’s well-being when carrying out any of their care and support functions in respect of that person. - 

What this means is whilst you wait to get help.

Ask your local authority to asses you under the care act.

1. If you are your child is waiting for an assessment

2. If you are an adult waiting for an assessment 

3. If you are a carer of the above waiting for assessment.

The Process.

You have the right to be assessed by qualified professionals. If they say otherwise accept the assessment from the person and ask for a person with training at later date. Feel free to tell them what it is about. Don't blame them, blame the system or whatever. But make the complaint. Seem like you are a normal reasonable person. The point is to get the assessment rolling. It will be obvious to them, if not you should point out that these issues specific to autism and not other weird stuff. (read up on this ). Remind them that you need to help their specific needs.

If you are worried about nature and process to ask for the help of a social care advocate. You can ask social services to provide one.

If in doubt don't be scared to get legal advice. Do to legal aid I Care comes free under legal aid,

Ask and you should receive, maybe.

You may be downgraded, to something like a community plan. accept and still ask for a full social assessment.

Any worries contact CAB, mind or NAS, a trained solicitor who specialises in the care and can prove it.


Link to social care advocate

link to carers assessment

link to adult assessment

link to the care act

Enjoy. Get actual help.