stealing food/gorging/hiding evidence

my son has always done this. i address it, he gets upset, it stops for a while.... but since becoming a one wage family i'm finding the impact of his massive eating habit really tricky. hes fit and healthy - very tall and slim - this isn't about him being obese or anything - but its clearly not a great thing to do - to gorge on packets of crisps and biscuits and spoons of nutella etc.. his siblings hide their sweets and good stuff as they know he'll have it, which isn't fair, but for me, i don't want to hide things as i don't believe that's helping him deal with the issue - even though i'm not certain what the issue is.... i think its habitual.... i'm a little lost.

i read somewhere it could be like stimming - the sensation of chewing - so ive bought him gum - and ive advised him about what he should and shouldnt be eating - and when - but id really appreciate some better guidance if you have any experience of this..... thank you

  • It makes me think about eating disorders rather than sensory seeking behaviour.  There's a link between eating disorders and ASC, especially for women. I've suffered from Bulimia in the past myself (linked to feeling distressed, overwhelmed and unable to express this in a healthier way). I also know of guys with ASC who suffer from eating disorders too.

    People with eating disorders tend to be very secretive so it will probably be difficult approaching this directly. 

    I'd probably approach the conversation with some facts as to the impact of eating disorders on the body backing up a willingness to really listen as to what may be going on for your son. 

    Hope that's helpful.


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