Has my son got pda?

Hi, I’m very new to this so apologies if this is long winded! My son is nearly 3 years old and we are going through the diagnosis process. 

We started noticing things from around 15 mths. Main things being: lack of eye contact, not responding to his name, no shared interest of pointing or showing toys. He has delayed speech, he tip toe walks and has a very limited diet (fear of new foods) He gets fixated on things such as water and we can’t get him away from lakes!

One of the big things, and the reason I’m querying whether has pda, is that he is extremely strong willed and has terrible tantrums and ocasionally meltdowns. He is strong minded and it is very difficult to get him to do anything that’s not on his terms. E.g getting in and out of house, getting dressed etc... He has terrible mood changes out of nowhere for no apparent reason . He has a great imagination and role plays all the time and he can also be very social with older children. He will pretend feed things, talk on the phone etc... He’s very loving and cuddly and has a great sense of humour. 

All the the information I’ve read on pda has led me to identify lots of traits however a lot of it is from an older perspective and I wondered if anyone on her has experience with toddlers with pda and if they recognise any of the above. TIA