Anyone had the Social services do an assessment and observation?

Hi. I decided to call social services for an assessment I think I need help with my son most of the time.  She is coming to do paperwork etc and then going to observe him at home and school. Just to see how they can help.

has anyone had this before? We did when he was 4 but I can’t remember it all. Social services has always seemed a scary thing to say. The lady I spoke to seemed a bit sturn on the phone. 

Any help would be great. 

  • Hi Lauren,

    There is a page here on the NAS site about social services, needs assessments and community care for children with ASD, which you can find here -

    This explains a bit about the duties of social services, the kinds of services they may be able to provide, and what to expect from the assessment itself (although as the page notes, the way the assessment is conducted may vary based on local authority).

    Hopefully this will help you feel a bit more prepared for when the time comes,

    Best wishes,

    Ross - mod