mainstream school or homeschool whats the best choice

hi there i have a 7 year old who we finally got diagnosed in jan i had said from the age of 3 he wasnt right he is struggling in school 2 cope but because he is not academically to far behind he wont get a ehcp the school have helped but he hurts himself they made him sit with his hands on the table because he was hurting himself his not sleeping and saying really bad things about how he hates his life waiting to have sessions with ewmhs.the school say i will make him worse taking him out but to him the last place he wants to be is with people its hard to even get him to go out.just wondered if anyone had any advice as to me its not worth the upset and its ruining his daily life.when given the diagnosis all they said was he scored significantly on the scale not sure what that means any advice would be great thank you   

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