School support?

We are awaiting an assessment, and forms from the school and myself have been forwarded to the appropriate service.

In the meantime, the school want to meet to discuss my daughters needs, and how they might help support her. The thing is, I don’t think there’s anything she particularly needs. As mentioned here, she is the perfect pupil! Her problems start when she gets home.

Do you have any ideas for us? My daughter is 14 and between us we cannot come up with anything solid. She already does what’s best for herself, for example, chooses to sit alone in class so she can concentrate...

I guess if staff knew of her possible situation, they might not think her lack of eye contact, or ‘questioning’ look on her face is down to a bad attitude! She’s unlikely to respond to someone talking at her, if they haven’t called her name. How does she know they are talking to her if she isn’t looking at them?..

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